Pearl and Max, polar opposites but very much in love. Pearl is the rabbitat diva. "I want to be left alone attitude" .But lately has made a complete transformation. Pearl will let you pick her up and love on her once she gains your trust. She had a d...
Alexander and Elizabeth Hamilton are a very loving male and female bonded pair. They are equally loving and friendly to humans. Eliza the smaller of the 2 is so smittened with her man. She just can't love him enough. Alexander is very laid back a...
Adopt Brianna a Chocolate Dutch / Dutch / Mixed rabbit in Wilkes Barre, PA (23458687) spayed/neutered
bonded brother and sister linus and Lucy, pure bred chinchilla rabbits are very kind, lovable, loving rabbits to each other and to humans. They were part of a dump from a breeder that had no use for them. They have come and long way. They love atte...
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